Sunday, 25 August 2013


I have been getting a few questions on how the group is going to be run, so I will post this FAQ post. and as each new question comes up I will pop it on here.  Once the group is established this will move to a page.

Q.  What does my skill level need to be?
A.  Intermediate to advanced sewer, but ok to be new to PP, as you would have the basics.  Let me know if you are really new and I will not pair you up with the more technical blocks until you are ready.

Q. How often will the swaps be held?
A. Bi monthly to begin with.,  September, November and January.  Then will re- evaluate if we go monthly or not.

Q. How big do my blocks have to be?
A. They can be any size, if you are paired with a member that has a 6 or 8 inch block you will make them 2 blocks for your swap, and if the block is 10 or 12 inches you only make them one.  Try not to chose a block bigger than 12 inches.

Q. How is the swap run?
A. Exactly the same as the main group, you chose a block and colours and each allocation you will make your partner her choice and she will make you yours.  You have a month to make and send the block (or blocks - depending on size).  You can have two choices if you like, and you can change your choice at any time by letting me know).

Q. Can I post pictures of completed blocks on the blog or FB page?
A. Yes, once the first swap kicks off I will email all participants a link to be a blog contributor or you can share them on the face book group page if you prefer or both.

Q. Can I be a member of more than one group.
A. Of course you can, and if you want to stagger swaps then that is ok too. ( eg one month PP swap, one month  main 12 inch swap group.  Just let me know and I can factor this in on the spreadsheet

Q. What if my main swap block in the 6 or 12 inch block is a PP style block?
A In this case you will automatically go into the PP group, as I would assume that if your request is a PP block to be made for you, then in turn you would know how to make them for others.

Q. How long do I have to make and send my block?
A. Please try and stick to the one month turnaround, even when we are on bi monthly swaps, as if its easy to forget about it all together, but if you do need more time, let your partner know, and usually this will be ok.

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