Friday, 6 September 2013

For Noelene

The fun part about being the swap co ordination is I get to see what everyone has chosen, and pair them up. The hard part is deciding who I will swap with first.

When QBSA started, I had one member in my first month, then two more joined and so on, and initially I swapped with everyone new each month, until it got to the point where five, or one month seven joined in a single month and that became impossible. So I have kept track of who I have swapped with, and am working through the list (but not necessarily when), as records go back over 3 years.

I do know however that Noeline joined up in those very early days which is why I chose her to be my first partner In this swap, to be reacquainted.

Noeline's block is a six inch one called pinwheel. I printed off three of the pattern in case I made a really bad one, and still had two to send. All three turned out ok, not as perfect as I would like, but I am a self taught novice.